Turns a JSON file into a website. Uses the same rendering engine as github.com/jsonsite/jsonsite

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import jsonsite from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/jsonsite';



The CLI version of JSONsite.

If you want to know more about JSONsite, please see the GitHub repo.



npm i jsonsite -g


As of 1.2.0, The jsonsite package has been split into two commands: jsonsite-gen and jsonsite-local.

jsonsite-gen will give you a sample JSON site for you. Example:


Really, thats it, just answer the prompts. Configure your JSON file after the prompts are done and then host the output file on something like GitHub Gists, then look at CONTRIBUTING.md on how to add the JSON to the registry

jsonsite-local will generate the HTML file locally, but it does not come with stuff like the service workers, caching, etc.

jsonsite-local -i site.json -o output.html -t default.njk
  • The -i flag the input JSON file. It is not a URL, rather a local file, unlike the regular version which uses a URL. Defaults to site.json
  • The -o flag is the output HTML file. JSONsite will save your SPA to the specified file. Defults to output.html
  • The -t flag is the template file. If the template file specified is default.njk, then it will get the template from http://jsonsite.github.io/templates/default.njk. You can submit a template here.

If you want to view this anytime, you can run jsonsite -h.