convert a string to pascal case

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  import justPascalCase from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/just-pascal-case';



Part of a library of zero-dependency npm modules that do just do one thing. Guilt-free utilities for every occasion.

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npm install just-pascal-case
yarn add just-pascal-case

Convert a string to pascal case

  import pascalCase from 'just-pascal-case';

  pascalCase('the quick brown fox'); // 'TheQuickBrownFox'
  pascalCase('the_quick_brown_fox'); // 'TheQuickBrownFox'
  pascalCase('the-quick-brown-fox'); // 'TheQuickBrownFox'
  pascalCase('theQuickBrownFox'); // 'TheQuickBrownFox'
  pascalCase('thequickbrownfox'); // 'Thequickbrownfox'
  pascalCase('the - quick * brown# fox'); // 'TheQuickBrownFox'
  pascalCase('theQUICKBrownFox'); // 'TheQUICKBrownFox'