Track element(s) on the page like a boss.

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<script type="module">
  import kissuiPosition from '';



Track element(s) on the page like a boss.

This library is a part of Kissui project.


You can use NPM or Bower or download the package manually.

Getting Started

Using this libarary is as easy as adding data-kui-position attribute to your elements:

<p data-kui-position="in"></p>

and then bind an event listener:

kissuiPosition.on ('in', function (element) {
  console.log('yay!', element);

and to init the library, call this before </body>:


That's it.


Here is a list of available events:

  • in - when element is in the viewport
  • out - when element is not in the viewport
  • middle - center aligned element (vertically)
  • center - center aligned element (horizontally)
  • top - element at the top of the page
  • bottom - elemennt at the bottom of the page
  • left - element at the left side of the page
  • right - element at the right side of the page
  • partially - with one only works with out event, e.g. partially out and it means when the element is partially out of the element (e.g. half of the height or width)

Also, it is possible to use a compond of events together.


Element is in the viewport and center of the page:

<p data-kui-position="in center"></p>

Element is located in the center and middle of the page:

<p data-kui-position="in middle center"></p>


It is possible to listen to events and catch them using following methods.

ID-based event

You can get the events of an element using its ID. Let's say you have:

<p id="paragraph" data-kui-position="in right">This element is tracking by Kissui.Position</p>

then you can get events using:

kissuiPosition.on('paragraph', function (element) {
  console.log('with id', element);

* event

If you want to get all events, simply bind a callback function to * event:

kissuiPosition.on('*', function (element, event) {
  console.log('*', element, event);

position event

Also, you can get all events using its unique data-kui-position attribute value. So, imagine you have:

<p id="paragraph" data-kui-position="in right">this element is tracking by kissui.position</p>

then you can listen to events from in right (with the same order):

kissuiPosition.on('in right', function (element) {
  console.log('single', element);


  • The combination of out and other events are not completely implemented. now it works with top only, e.g. out top. we should implement other positions as well.
  • Unit testing

What to help? I have a look at the TODO list and send a PR, cheers.


Afshin Mehrabani