Router middleware for koa. Provides RESTful resource routing.

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  import koaRouter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/koa-router';



Router middleware for Koa.

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  • Express-style routing (app.get, app.put, app.post, etc.)
  • Named URL parameters
  • Named routes with URL generation
  • Responds to OPTIONS requests with allowed methods
  • Support for 405 Method Not Allowed and 501 Not Implemented
  • Multiple route middleware
  • Multiple and nestable routers
  • async/await support

Migrating to 7 / Koa 2

  • The API has changed to match the new promise-based middleware signature of koa 2. See the koa 2.x readme for more information.
  • Middleware is now always run in the order declared by .use() (or .get(), etc.), which matches Express 4 API.


# npm .. 
npm i @koa/router
# yarn .. 
yarn add @koa/router

API Reference


Please submit all issues and pull requests to the koajs/router repository!


If you have any problem or suggestion please open an issue here.

Call for Maintainers

This module is forked from the original koa-router due to its lack of activity. koa-router is the most widely used router module in the Koa community and we need maintainers. If you're interested in fixing bugs or implementing new features feel free to open a pull request. We'll be adding active contributors as collaborators.

Thanks to the original authors @alexmingoia and the original team for their great work.