🎨 Automated color contrast for text over images

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  import kontrasto from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/kontrasto';



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🎨 Automated color contrast for text over images

Why we need this

Kontrasto is a dual Python and JavaScript library which analyses instances of text over images, and transforms the text to make it more readable and have a higher contrast against the background.

Using Kontrasto both server-side and client-side gives the best results: server-side processing means users will have the best possible styles as the page loads, while client-side processing can refine the result based on the final position of the text over the image.

Here is a demo, over different areas of an image, with different methods of dominant color extraction and contrast ratio calculation:

Snow-covered landscape with snow-covered trees, blue-white sky, and a snow-covered radio tower on the horizon

Check out our live demo for other examples.

Usage in Python

kontrasto is available on PyPI.

# Assuming you’re using Python 3.6+,
pip install kontrasto

Usage in JavaScript

kontrasto is available on npm.

npm install kontrasto


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If you just want to set up the project on your own computer, the contribution guidelines also contain all of the setup commands.


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