A lightweight JavaScript event emitter with flags.

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The lighter-flagger module is a lightweight event emitter with flags which allow listeners to fire in the present or in the future, depending on whether a flag is already set to a specified value or not.


From your project directory, install and save as a dependency:

npm install --save lighter-flagger


The lighter-flagger module exports a constructor that extends the Emitter constructor from lighter-emitter which extends lighter-type. When a Type (such as Flagger) is uppercased in documentation, it refers to the constructor or its constructor properties. And when a type is lowercased (such as flagger), it refers to an instance and its prototype properties. Flagger.prototype.get Flagger.prototype.ready Flagger.prototype.set Flagger.prototype.then Flagger.prototype.unwait Flagger.prototype.waitFor Flagger.prototype.wait Flagger.prototype.when

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