lit-element based i18n solution backed by i18next

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i18next lit-html directive (could possible add other i18n backends).

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npm install lit-i18n



Nothing new here. Just use the usual i18next config. You can import from i18next. Alternatively, lit-i18n exports i18next.

    lng: 'en',
    resources: {
        en: {
            translation: {
                whatishow: '{{what}} is {{how}}',
                datamodel: '{{}} is a {{person.age}} year old and is male: {{person.male}}',
        fr: {
            translation: {
                whatishow: '{{what}} est {{how}}',
                datamodel: '{{}} a {{person.age}} ans et est un homme: {{person.male}}',


lit-i18n exposes two directives called translate and translateWhen. The translate directive has the same signature and functionality as the i18next t method. lit-i18n also exposes lit-htmls html and render methods.


import { translate as t, html, render } from 'lit-i18n/src/lit-i18n.js';

/** @typedef {{name: string; age: number; male: boolean}} Person */
class I18nElement extends HTMLElement {
    /** @returns {Person} */
    get person() {
        return this._person;

    /** @param {Person} */
    set person(value) {
        this._person = value;
        render(this.renderTemplate, this);

    /** @inheritdoc */
    constructor() {

    /** @inheritdoc */
    connectedCallback() {
        if (!this.person) {
            this.person = {
                name: 'None',
                age: 0,
                male: false,

    /** @returns {import('lit-html/lit-html').TemplateResult} */
    get renderTemplate() {
        return html`
            <div title="${t('whatishow', { what: 'i18next', how: 'great' })}"></div>
            <span>${t('datamodel', { person: this.person })}</span>

translateWhen directive - postponing translations until they have loaded

Screen flicker can occur if you load multiple namespaces and run translations prior to the tranlation resource being loaded. I18next returns promises that will resolve after the resources are ready. If this happens you can use translateWhen. translateWhen differs to translate in that it also accepts a Promise. This Promise would typically be the Promise returned by i18next.init or i18next.loadNamespaces or i18next.loadLanguages. The translateWhen directive will not try to translate the key until the Promise is resolved. Passing the Promise every single time you call the directive can get a little much so you can wrap the directive and call the wrapper instead, like this:

import { translateWhen } from 'lit-i18n/src/lit-i18n.js';

const initializePromise = i18next.use(someBackend).init(....);
const translateDirective = (keys, options) => translateWhen(initializePromise, keys, options);

// Now you can use translateDirective in your lit-html templates.