run lighthouse and output basic results

Usage no npm install needed!

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lighthouse is a very powerful tool; litehaus is a simple, zero-config set-up to get som A simplified interface over lighthouse. Available as a node module, CLI or REST interface.

Node module

const litehaus = require('litehaus')

(async () => {
  const result = await litehaus(url, opts)


npx litehaus [URL] [...ARGS]

Pass args as key=value pairs, e.g iterations=5 mean=true


npx -p litehaus litehaus-server [PORT=4002]

A server will run on localhost on the specified port, listening for GET requests to /. Pass url and any options in the query string, e.g. curl localhost:4002/?


The bins are available in a docker image:

docker run billy-/litehaus litehaus [URL] [ARGS]
docker run billy-/litehaus -p 4002:4002 litehaus-server 4002

Known issues

chrome-launcher outputs an error when relying on a fallback option for grep. Issue.