A small JavaScript library for building reactive user interfaces.

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A small JavaScript library for building user interfaces.


Recent 7.0.2 microbundle:

Build "literaljs" to build:
       1856 B: index.js.gz
       1611 B:
       1859 B: index.m.js.gz
       1620 B:
       1919 B: index.umd.js.gz
       1680 B:

Features and stuff

  • Small: Under 2kB in size (using microbundle).
  • Startup: Amazing startup metrics; Great for weaker devices and weaker connections.
  • Simple: LiteralJS uses plain functions and applies structure to building components for easier development.
  • Fast: Current and previous vDOM data is diffed instead of the actual DOM for performant updates and rendering.
  • Virtual DOM: Diffing occurs only on state update for more efficient DOM updates.
  • Flexible Syntax: Freedom to use JSX, Hyperscript, or Object syntax.
  • Lifecycle Methods: Components have the ability to trigger mounted, updated, and unmounted lifecycle functions.
  • Global Application Store: One source of truth which makes other state management libraries (like Redux) less of a need.
  • Component State: Manage state individually per component.
  • Event Delegation: Uses event delegation for most events within the application for increased performance.