A power node-repl which will auto reload runtime if required file is modified, inspired by ipython autoreload feature.

Usage no npm install needed!

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liverepl is a node-repl which will autoreload files when files are modified, inspired by ipython's autoreload feature.


using npm:

npm install -g liverepl

And liverepl will be installed globally to your system path.


cd your_node_project
liverepl> a = require('./module_a');
liverepl> a.some_method()
liverepl> a.some_method() // rerun directly when you modify some_method code.
liverepl> await a.some_async_or_promise_method();

In liverepl, you can require module_a and call it's method.

When you modify module_a's code and save, you can rerun method without restart livereload.

If module_a.some_method dependent on module_b and you modify module_b's code and save, you can rerun module_a.some_method without restart livereload.

If you want to use 'await' in liverepl, your node version should be above node^10.

Config files

you can use config file to init your runtime. create config file in your project dir:

touch your_node_project/liverepl.config.js

liverepl.config.js example:

module.exports = {
    installs: {
        prefix_a_: './a.js',
        prefex_b_: './m'
    constants: {
        constant_name: 'aaaaa',
    ignores: [
  • installs: files or files in some directory will be loaded when start liverepl. You can use prefix_xxx to refer these modules.
  • constants: constants will be added to runtime, constant can be some business ids which you will use often.
  • ignores: you can ignore some files to reload when they are modified.