The list that powers the LevelNews.org news feed directory.

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  import lnNewsFeedDirectory from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ln-news-feed-directory';



The list that powers the LevelNews.org news feed directory. The news feed directory data is in JSON format. There are also a couple of filters available in filters.js and a method for verifying that a url is located within a whitelisted domain.

If you'd like to make a suggestion, please click the "Issues" tab in the GitHub repository. Or if you feel like writing some JSON and opening a GitHub pull request, feel free to do so. You can also email vision (@) levelnews.org.

Usage with Node.js/NPM

Command line install:

$ npm install ln-news-feed-directory --save

In your code:

const directory = require('ln-news-feed-directory')

// API methods and properties available:
directory.data // returns json data
directory.filters.keys() // array of domains in directory
directory.filters.extractEach('twitter') // extract props from directory.data
directory.domainWhitelist.domains // array of whitelisted domains
directory.domainWhitelist.verifyUrl('http://...') // verify a given url is located within whitelist

NOTE: domainWhitelist.domains is a superset of domainWhitelist.keys() .keys() is the array we use to populate the UI for the news feed reader on the LevelNews.org website, and .domains is the whitelist of acceptable domains that links posted to the news index can be located within.