Post items to Lobste.rs

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import lobStory from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/lob-story';



Post items to Lobste.rs


$ npm install --save lob-story


The example shown below will post a link on Lobste.rs.

var lob = require('lob-story');

  username: '{{your username}}',
  password: '{{your password}}',
  title: 'Example Blog Article',
  url: 'http://exampleblog.com/articles/example-blog-article'
}, done);

function done (err, res, body, story) {
  // handle response


lob(options, done)

Posts an article on Lobste.rs by making a series of requests against their website. Takes some options, detailed below.

Property Description
username Your username, used to authenticate, and to post stories on your behalf
password Your password, used to authenticate
title The title for the story
url The URL to the story
description A description of the story
author Boolean value indicating whether the submitter is the author of the story

When the requests against Lobste.rs are done, the done callback will be invoked with four arguments.

  • err will have an error if one occurred, and null otherwise
  • res will be a response object
  • body will be the response body
  • story will be a link to the story on Lobste.rs


The CLI has a simple interface. You'll be asked for your credentials once, and they'll be stored at ~/.lob. You can edit that file directly, the CLI expects YAML.

$ cat ~/.lob
username: foo,
password: foo
$ lob -t "some title" -u http://exampleblog.com -x "some text"
> https://lobste.rs/s/$YOUR_STORY

CLI Usage

  lob <options>

  -t, --title               | Title for the news item
  -u, --url, --uri          | URL to the news item
  -d, --desc, --description | Text describing the news item
  --tags                    | Space-separated list of tags for the story
  -a, --author, --no-author | Whether you\'re the author for the story