Localhost Service Discovery service

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localsd v0.3.1

Localhost Service Discovery service

Do you have many services hosted in localhost like localhost:NNNN? Do you often forget which service is hosted at which port number?

localsd helps you finding which service is hosted in which port number in your localhost.


You need to have node.js installed.

First run the registry:

npx localsd --registry

This starts http server on port 32000, websocket server on port 36951. You can see which service is registered on the page http://localhost:32000.

Then run your service. After your service started, you need to run the following command:

npx localsd --service my-service --description "This is my service" --port 2020

This registers the service to the registry with the given service name my-service, the description This is my service, the port number 2020.

If your service ended, you should stop the above command as well.

Node.js service

If your service is implemented in node.js, you can use following code to register the service:

  name: 'my-service',
  description: 'This is my service',
  port: 2020

Localsd Protocol

You can register localsd service in any language using websocket.

You can register your service with websocket connection with the follwoing message in JSON format.

  "service": "The name of your service",
  "port": portNumber,
  "description": "Description of your service"

For example, your can register your service with websocat cli with the follwoing commands:

$ websocat ws://localhost:36951
{ "service": "my-service": "port": 8080, "description": "My example service" }