logless client for bespoken tools

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Logless will automatically capture logs and diagnostics for your Node.js Lambda, Google Cloud Function or Express.js service.

Before you integrate the code, you will need to a key. You get it from the Bespoken Dashboard. Once integrated, this is where your logs and data will be viewable.

Install the dependency

    $npm install logless-client --save

To use it with Lambdas, simply wrap your function handler, like so:

    var client = require('logless-client');

    const skillBuilder = Alexa.SkillBuilders.custom();

    exports.handler = client.Logless.capture("<SECRET_KEY>", skillBuilder
            // Lambda request handlers goes here

To use it with Google Cloud Functions, simply wrap your function handler:

    var client = require('logless-client');

    exports.hello = client.Logless.capture("<SECRET_KEY>", function (request, response) {
        // Cloud Function code goes here
        response.json({ foo: "bar" });

To use it with Express.js, simply configure it with your routes:

    var client = require('logless-client');

    var logless = client.Logless.middleware("<SECRET_KEY>");
    app = express();


    // Application handlers and routers registered here
    app.post("/", function {

    // The Logless error handler must be registered last

That's all there is to it. Then you can see all your logs through our handy dashboard!

We will effortlessly capture and format:

  • Request and response payloads
  • Console output (including instrumentation for timing and all debug levels)
  • Error and stack traces