A Set of Lo-Dash Javascript Exercises

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A Set of NodeSchool-Style, Workshopper-powered, Lo-Dash Javascript Exercises

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Getting Started

  1. First, install nodejs version 4.0 or later.

  2. The nodejs installation will also install npm, the Node Package Manager.

  3. Then, install the lololodash exercises using npm:


$ sudo npm install lololodash -g

Windows (In Windows, the prompt must be launched as an administrator)

npm install lololodash -g

  1. Run the exercises.

Type lololodash in your terminal to see all the exercises

Usage Instructions

1. Selecting a problem to work on

Once the workshop is installed with the steps above, run lololodash in your terminal to print a menu where you can select a problem to work on.

It is advised to do the problems in order.

2. Writing your solution

Once you have selected a problem, using your preferred editor (e.g. Atom, Sublime), simply create a file to write your solution in.

3. Testing your solution

After writing your code, use the run command to point the workshop to your solution file.

lololodash run <your file name>.js

Type the above command in the terminal. Your solution will be loaded and given the problem input. If it passes, you will see a notification. Otherwise, you will see an error.

4. Verify your solution

After testing your solution, you will need verify it against the expected output. If it matches, then you have successfully solved the problem!

lololodash verify <your file name>.js


lololodash is licensed under the MIT License. All rights not explicitly granted by the MIT License are reserved. See the included LICENSE file for more details.