Standalone dom generator

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import lonesomedom from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/lonesomedom';


NPM version

Lonesome dom

Generate a standalone, portable, offline capable version of any DOM.

  • CSS rules are extracted & injected (only for used rules, using [microcss])
  • Images are inlined using dataURL

Use with browserify for a client side usage


  • You need to print actual page rendering (as PDF/image)
  • You know that Gecko & webkit are rendering engine, you do NOT want to write/use another custom/homemade DOM rendering engine, (see https://github.com/niklasvh/html2canvas/blob/master/src/nodecontainer.js).
  • You work with simple page app / complex website, there is no "URL" to provide to a server side tool, use lonesomedom & transfert a "private/dynamic dom" without any dependency !


  var lonesomedom = require('lonesomedom');

lonesomedom.process(anchor, function(err, simpleDom) {


  • Expose ucss options
  • Anti-aliasing in image inlining
  • Strip inline js/scripts (?)