Lyria Project Template ======================

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Lyria Project Template

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  • Handlebars Runtime (default templating engine of Lyria)
  • Require.JS or any other AMD loader (Lyria uses with Almond.JS by default)
  • Modernizr (Optional, but included by default)
  • Detectr


  • Preparing assets (scenes and prefabs)
  • Source map support for assets and JavaScript files

Developer dependencies

  • Grunt
  • Handlebars
  • Stylus (Lyria bundles Stylus, but any other CSS preprocessor can be used as well)

Getting started

Node.js 0.10 or higher needs to be installed

Go ahead and download the latest template version.
Navigate into the folder where extracted the template and run npm install.

Using the lyria template:

  • grunt: Same as grunt development
  • grunt development: Builds the current project
  • grunt production: Builds the current project, minifies everything and places it in the builds folder
  • grunt deploy: Does a production builds and makes a package out of it

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