A small and mighty suite of data structures in JavaScript.

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LytePQ · npm version license PRs welcome

A small and mighty priority queue in JavaScript.


✅ Packed with all basic priority queue operations.
🚀 Unopinionated functionality exposure - you decide how to use LytePQ.
💻 Perfect for competitive programming, online tests, interviews, etc. Dijkstra's in JS made easy!
📔 Comprehensive JSDoc annotations and intellisense.
🔭 TypeScript support.

Getting Started

Install with either Yarn or NPM via yarn add lytepq or npm add lytepq.

Import into your project in the following ways.

import LytePQ from "lytepq"; // ES

const LytePQ = require("lytepq").default; // CommonJS


// LytePQ is a min priority queue by default
const minQ = new LytePQ();
pq.push(2), pq.push(1), pq.push(3);
const smallest = pq.peek(); // returns the smallest item - 1

// creates a max priority queue with a custom comparator function
const maxQ = new LytePQ([2, 3, -1], (a, b) => b - a);
const largest = pq.pop(); // removes and returns the largest item - 3

// queue items can be objects with a matching comparator function
const objectQ = new LytePQ(
    [0, 8],
    [1, 2],
    [2, 7],
  (a, b) => a[1] - b[1]
const smallestObj = objectQ.pop(); // [1, 2]


Issues and pull requests are welcome! Contact me on Twitter if needed.


This library took inspiration from Vladimir Agafonkin's tinyqueue.