Render static raster preview images of maps

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Reads vector format map polygons and renders into to a bitmap file

  • Automatically detect minimal bounding box
    • Adjustable margin as a percentage
  • Selectable colors
  • Selectable outline stroke


map-image-preview v1.6.4

Usage: node map-image-preview <options> [mapfile]

mapfile    GeoJSON map source file for the preview

   -W  --width [0..]         Set the output image width in pixels
   -S  --strokeWidth [0.0..] Set the outline line width in pixels
   -SC --strokeColor #222    Set the outline color (hex code)
   -C  --color #f84          Set the fill color (hex code)
   -B  --bboxscale [0.0..]   Set the bounding box scaling factor, 1.1 = 10% margin
   -M  --meta [file.json]    Optional file containing map layer colors
   -CP --colorProperty [key] GeoJSON property to use for color lookup.  Metadata must have keys with same name.
   -O  --output [file]       Filename of output files, file extension will be added.
   -X  --maxbounds {left:1,bottom:2,right:3,top:4}  The maximum bounds for limiting image extents.


node map-image-preview.js --width 600 --strokeColor "rgba(0,0,255,0.7)" \
  --fillColor "#ff6" --strokeWidth 0.5 example/world.geojson



Color property

node map-image-preview.js --width 600 --colorProperty admin \
  --meta example/world.json example/world.geojson

Scale 0.8

Scale factor

The default scale factor of 1 will fit the map data precisely inside the target raster.

Scale factor 80%

npx map-image-preview --bboxscale 0.8 --width 300 example/world.geojson

Scale 0.8

Scale factor 120%

npx map-image-preview --bboxscale 1.2 --width 300 example/world.geojson

Scale 1.2


Optionally a metadata json file can be used to specify colors to be used in the map. To use this the GeoJSON currently must have a property named "kode", matching with the "kode" value set in the accompanying meta.json file.

npx map-image-preview --meta meta.json example/world.geojson


  "barn": [
    { "kode": "water", "farge": "#00f" },
    { "kode": "land", "farge": "#0f0" }

Composing background map

The app wms-save-image may be used to download background maps from any WMS server for use in combination with images from this program. It will read the generated JSON file.

Compose single image

Using convert program from Imagemagick to composite the images. To install Imagemagick:

sudo apt install imagemagick

To compose images:

convert thumbnail_back.png thumbnail.32633.png -compose Multiply -composite thumbnail.png

Composed example

Compose images recursively

find . -type d -exec sh -c "cd \"{}\" && pwd && \
  [ -f thumbnail.json ] && \
  convert thumbnail_back.png thumbnail.32633.png -compose Multiply -composite thumbnail.png" \;