Add your own rules to Markdown

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Markdown Flavor Maker

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Make your own flavor of markdown

This tool allows you to add your own rules to markdown. It is highly inspired by Mistune.

var flayvaMayka = require('markdown-flavor-maker');

// Exposes marked setOptions function.

flayvaMayka.bracketize('++', '++', '<span class="drank">','</span>');

flayvaMayka.bracketize('$+', '+

, '<h1 class="grill">','</h1>');

// Outputs <p><strong>This drank.</strong> It's got that <span class="drank">purple</span>.
flayvaMayka.render("**This drank.** It's got that ++purple++"), 

// Outputs <p><strong>This drank tho.</strong> It's got that <strong><span class="drank">purple</span></strong>.
flayvaMayka.render("**This drank.** It's got that **++purple++**"), 

// Outputs <p><span class="grill">This drank tho.</span> It's got that <span class="drank"><strong>purple</strong></span>.
flayvaMayka.render("**This $+drank+$. It's got that ++**purple**++"), 

// Available options


  @sartaj I think this could be a commenting system. Perhaps we should [define comment](
  - @kitty Defining comment doesn't matter