Plugin to process front matter container for markdown-it markdown parser

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Plugin for processing front matter for markdown-it markdown parser.


$ npm install markdown-it-front-matter --save

Valid Front Matter

Essentially, valid front matter is a fenced block:

  • Indicated by three or more dashes: ---
  • Opening and closing fences must be the same number of dash characters
  • Opening fence must begin on the first line of the markdown string/file
  • Opening fence must not be indented
valid-front-matter: true

The example above uses YAML but YAML is not required

(bring your own front matter parser)


  • Front Matter is not rendered.
  • Any markup inside the block is passed to the required callback function.
const md = require('markdown-it')()
  .use(require('markdown-it-front-matter'), function(fm) {

let result = md.render('---\ntitle: This is the Title\n---\n# Heading\n----\nsome text');

// > title: This is the Title

References / Thanks

Code heavily borrowed from markdown-it-container


markdown-it-front-matter is distributed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.