Simple markdown to troff (the `man` format) converter using regular expressions

Usage no npm install needed!

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markdown goes in troff comes out

In case you didn't know, troff is the format used for linux man pages.


Just regular expressions.

See remark-man for a much more involved approach which is guaranteed great results every time (but at the cost of a rather large dependency). This on the other hand is a tiny and lightning-quick alternative. However, there may be quirks here and there as it is not even nearly as smart as remark-man.


I wrote this for my arch-wiki-man project to replace my dependency on remark-man. Not because I don't like remark-man (it's fantastic and super duper smart!), but because it was just too much code for me to add as a dependency.


I wrote this with a very specific use case in mind so your mileage may vary with this code. Feel free to fork, bug report, pull request or complain!


npm install markdown2troff

Then, in your project:

var md2troff = require('markdown2troff');
var sweetTroff = md2troff(disgustingMarkdown);


Licensed under the GPLv3