a marked compiler with accessible variables

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import markedVars from '';


Marked Vars

A markdown compiler with accessible variables.

This package depends on marked compiler because it's popular and effecient.

All the features in marked is accessible the only difference is the variables




$ npm i marked-vars


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To assign a variable:

This is just like a javascript object, basic expressions will work

title: "Variables",
date: new Date().toDateString(),
age: 1 + 2 + 4,
name: "Cris"

# @(title) -> "Variables"
The date is @(date) -> Date Today
My name is @(name) -> "Cris"
My age is @(age) -> 7

You need to put the variables at the very top of the file To Access the variables you need to warap it on @(variable-name) as you can see on the example

import markedVars from 'marked-vars'

const markdown = `
title: "Marked Vars"

--- \n # @(title)

const compiled = markedVars(markdown)

compiled.html //-> "<h1 id='marked-vars'>Marked Vars</h1>"

compiled.vars //-> { title: "Marked Vars" }

Changing the delimeter

It's a open and closing tag to match of the variables

default: ["---vars","----"]

markedVars(markdown, { delims: ['---', '---'] })

Converting to marked vars

markedVars.convertToMarkdown(variables, markdown, delims)

variables: object

markdown: string

delims?: [string,string]

    title: 'Marked-Vars',
  '# Hello world',
  return `
  title: "Marked Vars"
  # Hello world