a collection of math-related functions

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a collection of math-related functions

npm install mathutils

Currently available functions

isEven(n) / isOdd(n)

Check if the bit for 2^0 is set. If it is, `n must be odd.

powermod(a, b, c)

powermod is a way of computing (a ^ b) mod c without having to deal with giant numbers that would loose their precision.


Returns if n is a prime. Extremely slow, but absolutely accurate.


Retuns if a n is a prime. Based upon Fermat's little theorem.

Note: Doesn't take care of carmichael primes, so you probably want to use this in combination with isPrime.


Returns a pseudo-random prime number (based on Math.random). length defaults to 3.

gcd(a, b)

Returns the greatest common divisor of a and b. Based on Euclids algorithm

egcd(a, b)

Computes the extended Euclidean algorithm. Returns an array [d, s, t].

gcd(a, b) = d = s * a + t * b
modularInverse(a, b)

Returns the modular multiplicative inverse of a and b.


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