A tool that minifies all .js files in a folder and its nested folders

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import minifyAllJs from '';



A function that minifies your javascript files (recursively). minify-all-js was designed to reduce the size of your project's node_modules directory. But it can also be used to minify any js files. By giving it a directory, minify-all-js will walk through the depth of your folders and minify all the javascript that it sees.


> npm install -g minify-all-js


> minify-all-js [folder] [-j] [-m] [-M] [-p]
> minify-all-js ./node_modules -j -m -M -p

Use CLI options:

  • -j or --json to compress json files as well. (default: false)
  • -m or --module to set terser module option to true for ES6 files (default: false)
  • -M or --mangle to set terser mangle option to true (default: false)
  • -p or --packagejson to clean up extra fields from package.json files (default: false)
  • -a or --all to try to compress all files including binary/executable js files without .js extension (default: false)

Run programatically

  var promise = minifyAllJs([directory], {
    compress_json: true, // -j in cli
    module: true,        // -m in cli
    mangle: true,        // -M in cli
    packagejson: true,   // -p in cli
    all_js: true         // -a in cli

minifyAllJs function returns a promise