Split a minipass text stream into a line stream

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Splits a minipass text stream into a line stream.

The equivalent of a line-splitting Transform stream, similar to split2, but based on minipass.

It is intentionally NOT API-compatible with split or split2.


npm install --save minipass minipass-split


const fsm = require('fs-minipass')
const SplitStream = require('minipass-split')

const readStream = new fsm.ReadStream('input.txt')
const splitSteam = new SplitStream()
const writeStream = new fsm.WriteStream('output.txt')

// Read a file, break it into chunks by line, write those chunks to a new file
// NOTE: In this example, the new file will NOT contain:
//  - any of the line breaks!
//  - any lines that are empty without their line breaks


An options argument may be passed into the constructor.

Valid options include:


Optional. (String or RegExp): The pattern describing where each split should occur, identical to the separator parameter of String.prototype.split. Defaults to /\r?\n/.

// Split on every ';' character
new SplitStream({ separator: ';' })

// Split on every 'BREAK' string
new SplitStream({ separator: 'BREAK' })

// Split on every ';' character, optionally followed by whitespace
new SplitStream({ separator: /,\s*/ })


MIT License (c) 2020 James M. Greene