Reactive immutable state.

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Reactive immutable state.

Inspired by solidjs

For react binding check react-mlyn

create a subject

let create a simple subject by passing in initial state

import { createSubject } from "mlyn";

const subject = createSubject({
  user: {
    firstName: "Adam",
    lastName: "Smith",

Now you can access any property by invoking as function corresponding value on subject:

subject.user.firstName(); // Adam

You can retrieve the value on any level of nesting

subject.user().firstName; // Adam

modifying subject

You can modify a property, just in the same way as with plain js object, however this will update full state in immutable fashion:

const stateCopy = subject();
subject.user.firstName = "Abraham";

console.log(subject.user()); // { firstName: "Abraham", lastName: "Smith" }
console.log(subject() === stateCopy); // false, cause root object has changed as well.

Assignments, can be done, on any nesting level (expect to root one):

subject.user = { ...subject.user(), firstName: "Abraham" };

To modify root you can invoke the subject as a function (same as to retrieve a value), but passing in the new value:

subject({ user: { firstName: "Mihas", lastName: "Vaukalak" } });

This approach is applicable on any level on nesting


Btw, this approach will work if you perfrom destructuring or pass a node as parameter to a function:

const upperCase = (value) => {
const { firstName } = subject.user;
console.log(subject()); // { user: { firstName: "ADAM", lastName: "Smith" } }

Reactive scopes

Since the state is fully immutable, we can detect any update of it (or of any sub-node) using runInReactiveScope api.

const logState = (state) => {
  runInReactiveScope(() => {
    console.log("subject: ", state());
subject.user.firstName = "Abraham";

This will log both Adam and Abraham, because, if you invoke a subject inside callback passed to runInReactiveScope a subscribtion to this object gets created. The best thing of it, is that subscription gets created only on the part of the state, you've asked for:

subject.user.lastName = "Lincoln"; // nothing logged, cause we observe only first name