A GUI for Moneyd

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Moneyd GUI

A GUI for Moneyd

Status Page


git clone
cd moneyd-gui
npm install
npm start

Make sure you start Moneyd with --admin-api-port 7769.

Then go to localhost:7770 in your browser.

Environment Variables

Variable Default Purpose
PORT 7770 Port to host the GUI's webserver on
ADMIN_API_PORT 7769 Port for moneyd's admin API. Set with --admin-api-port in moneyd


  • CORS
  • live update on receiver page
  • live update on balances
  • spiffier transitions?
  • better 404 page
  • better 500 page (instruct to turn on moneyd with flag)
  • health check for moneyd by using plugin btp?
  • ping tool
  • network indicator
  • send tool
  • receive tool
  • implement statistics
  • align icons and labels properly
  • highlight selected item in nav
  • make exchange rates more of a grid
  • some visualizations?
  • links to tutorials
  • web monetization health

More Screenshots

Send SPSP Payments

Sending Page

View Routing Table Info

Routing Page

Receive SPSP Payments

Receiving Page

Network Graph

The network graph is a visualization of your node's routing table. It doesn't represent a complete view of the network.

Network Graph