Moray client library

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This repository is part of the Joyent Triton and Joyent Manta projects. See the Triton and Manta contributing guidelines and general documentation at the main Triton and Manta project pages.

Active Branches

  1. The "master" branch is currently for node-moray 4.x releases.
  2. The "3.x" branch is currently for node-moray 3.x releases to support users that must still use the older node-fast protocol (before node-fast 3.x).


This is the Node.js client SDK for Moray. You can install it with:

npm install moray

or, to put the manual pages and CLI tools on your path:

npm install -g moray

For usage information, see:

  • moray(1) (overview manual page for CLI tools)
  • moray(3) (overview manual page for library interface)
  • Moray server overview and reference documentation


To test the Moray client, see the separate moray-test-suite repository.