A cookie-based session middleware for Express.

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Multi-Cookie Session

A cookie-based session middleware for Express.

  • Doesn't have a 4KB size limit.
  • Can optionally send encrypted cookies.
  • Completely written in TypeScript.


Many people use cookie-session middleware for Express for a simple cookie-based session solution. However, the size of an individual cookie is limited to 4KB in most browsers. If you need larger sessions, you either stand up a backend session data store using express-session — which can be difficult and costly — or you're out of luck. Until now.

multi-cookie-session started off as a fork of the cookie-session. It has been changed to allow session data to be spread across many cookies, thus eliminating the 4KB per cookie rule.


$ npm i multi-cookie-session


$ yarn multi-cookie-session


import { multiCookieSession } from 'multi-cookie-session';

const sessionConfig = {
  // Options

export const session = app => {


multi-cookie-session is API compatable with cookie-session so it's easy and familiar. For a full list, see cookies session documentation.


You can fully type your session variables. See the following for an example:

type MySession = {
  foo: string;
  bar: Bar;
  baz: number;

// Extend the session data type
declare module 'multi-cookie-session' {
  interface SessionData extends MySession {}