CLI for managing multiple node packages

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Multiple Package Manager (mpm)

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mpm is a CLI for managing node packages across multiple Github organizations and repositories.

Getting Started


$ npm install -g multiple-package-manager
$ mpm --version
multiple-package-manager/1.1.1 darwin-x64 node-v14.15.4
$ mpm --help [COMMAND]
  $ mpm COMMAND


In order for mpm to work, you must always have your github access token set in the environment - either as GH_TOKEN or GITHUB_TOKEN. See the github docs for how to do this.

After you've set your github token, run mpm setup. This command will prompt you for the directory that you want your repos to live. It defaults to ~/repos.

Adding Organizations and Repositories

Once you've run mpm setup, you're ready to begin adding organizations and/or repositories:

To add an organization:

mpm add my-github-org

To add a repository:

mpm add my-github-org/my-repo