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Easy way to generate colors from HEX to CSS Filters 😎


Please check our to know more about setup and how to contribute.

Setup and installation

Make sure that you are using the NodeJS version is the same as .nvmrc file version. If you don't have this version please use a version manager such as nvm or n to manage your local nodejs versions.

Please make sure that you are using NodeJS version 6.10.2

Assuming that you are using nvm, please run the commands inside this folder:

$ nvm install $(cat .nvmrc); # install required nodejs version
$ nvm use $(cat .nvmrc); # use nodejs version

In Windows, please install NodeJS using one of these options:

Via NVM Windows package: Dowload via this link. After that, run the commands:

$ nvm install $(cat .nvmrc); # install required nodejs version
$ nvm use $(cat .nvmrc); # use nodejs version

Via Chocolatey:

$ choco install nodejs.install -version 6.10.2

Install yarn

We use yarn as our package manager instead of npm

Install it following these steps

After that, just navigate to your local repository and run

$ yarn install


Try out our demo on Stackblitz!

Perf marks in action

Run the tests

$ yarn test # run the tests

Run the build

$ yarn build # run the tests

Run the bundlesize check

$ yarn bundlesize # run the tests

Run the code lint

$ yarn lint # run the tests



Please make sure the background of the element is #000 for better performance and color similarity.

The reason for this is because all the calcs done by the library to generate a CSS Filter are based on the color #000

Using default options

import { hexToCSSFilter } from 'hex-to-css-filter';

const cssFilter = hexToCSSFilter('#00a4d6');

Overriding default options

You can override the default options by passing a second parameter into hexToCSSFilter method. You can also use HexToCssConfiguration for type support on it.

import { hexToCSSFilter, HexToCssConfiguration } from 'hex-to-css-filter';

const config: HexToCssConfiguration = {
  acceptanceLossPercentage: 1,
  maxChecks: 10,

const cssFilter = hexToCSSFilter('#00a4d6', config);

// Calling different colors to create CSS Filters
].forEach(cssFilter => {
  console.log(`\n${cssFilter.hex}-[${cssFilter.rgb}]: ${cssFilter.filter}`);

It returns an object with the values:

  • called: how many times the script was called to solve the color;
  • filter: CSS filter generated based on the HEX color;
  • hex: the received color;
  • loss: percentage loss value for the generated filter;
  • rgb: HEX color in RGB;
  • values: percentage loss per each color type organized in RGB: red, green, blue, h, s, l. Used for debug purposes - if needed;


acceptanceLossPercentage: Acceptable color percentage to be lost. Default: 5; maxChecks: Maximum checks that needs to be done to return the best value. Default: 10;


this project is using np package to publish, which makes things straightforward. EX: np <patch|minor|major>

For more details, please check np package on


Wilson Mendes (willmendesneto)