Improve data entry speed and accuracy by triggering auto-completion for text entries.

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NativeScript UI AutoComplete


Here are some of the features of the NativeScript UI AutoComplete:

  • Suggest modes - you can choose to show suggestions in a drop-down list, one suggestion at a time in the text input, or a combination of both;
  • Completion modes - StartsWith and Contains which differ in whether the input text will be searched in the whole list with acceptable items or only at the start;
  • Display modes - Plain - in which only one item can be selected - and Tokens - allowing multiple selection of suggestions (each displayed as a token).


In Command prompt / Terminal navigate to your application root folder and run:

tns plugin add nativescript-ui-autocomplete


To use the autocomplete plugin, you need to add an instance of RadAutoCompleteTextView. Optionally you can set its displayMode, completionMode and suggestMode. More information about the plugin features is available in the Guides for:

API Reference

Here is the API Reference section.

Sample Apps

The features of the plugin are demonstrated in the Sample apps for:

Release Notes

The release notes are available here.

Get Help

Please, use github issues strictly for reporting bugs or requesting features.