Add additional space to your app. Use it for navigation or custom content. Slides in from all four sides of the screen.

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NativeScript UI SideDrawer


The NativeScript UI SideDrawer plugin allows you to have a hidden view that contains navigation UI or common settings. A popular application that uses the drawer UI is the Android Play Store app. The hidden view can be displayed with a flick gesture and can be shown from any of the four edges of the screen. The view is also displayed with a transition which can be chosen from a set of pre-defined transitions.


In Command prompt / Terminal navigate to your application root folder and run:

tns plugin add nativescript-ui-sidedrawer


More information about the usage of the plugin available in the Guides for:

API Reference

Here is the API Reference section.

Sample Apps

The features of the plugin are demonstrated in the Sample apps for:

Release Notes

The release notes are available here.

Get Help

Please, use github issues strictly for reporting bugs or requesting features.