newman report to slack

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Custom Newman reporter to send message to Slack

Before you get started


npm i -g newman-reporter-slackreporter


 newman run <collectionFile> -e <environmentFile> --suppress-exit-code -r slackreporter --reporter-slackreporter-webhookurl '<webhookurl>'

Usage with channel override bot

 newman run <collectionFile> -e <environmentFile> --suppress-exit-code -r slackreporter --reporter-slackreporter-webhookurl '<>' --reporter-slackreporter-token '<bearer token>' --reporter-slackreporter-chanel '<channel or userid>'

Reporter Options Optionals

 --reporter-slackreporter-messageSize '<messageSize>' e.g 150
 --reporter-slackreporter-token '<bearer token>' e.g xoxb-XXXXXXXXXXXX-TTTTTTTTTTTTTT
 --reporter-slackreporter-chanel '<channel>' e.g #general
 --reporter-slackreporter-buildurl '<buildurl>' e.g ci build url 

Reporter Options

webhookurl Webhook URL to point to the slack api where results are published,If you have multiple channels, you must use the '#' to separate. eg:

collection Option to add the name of collection file onto the message

environment Option to add the name of environment file onto the message

messageSize Option to change the message size, defaulted to 100

token Option to use bearer token for slack bots for channel override

channel Option to select channel or user receive the result

buildurl The circle ci build url, you can invoke the variable ${CIRCLE_BUILD_URL}