Run Go commands from Node or CLI, Go env not required

Usage no npm install needed!

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Run Go commands from Node or CLI, Go env not required

Will download latest binaries locally if Go isn't already in PATH


If you run a command and it fails with "cannot find package..." we'll try to install said package(s). YAYS. :relieved:

local install

$ npm install --save ngo

cli install

$ npm install --global ngo


cli usage

$ ngo version
# go version go1.8.3 windows/amd64

# to update the `ngo` install of Go (won't update system version)
$ ngo-update
# go version go1.9.4 windows/amd64

# to set the `ngo` install of Go to a specific version (won't update system version)
$ ngo-version 1.12.0
# go version go1.12.0 windows/amd64

# to run a `go get` installed binary use this bs
$ ngo-binary golint test/fixtures/errors.go
# test\fixtures\errors.go:13:5: error var unexp should have name of the form errFoo

programmatic usage

returns promise that resolves to execa style object without the child_process goodies

const goOpts = {}
const ngo = require('ngo')(goOpts)
const golint = ngo.bin('golint')

/* {
 stdout: 'go version go1.8.3 windows/amd64',
 stderr: '',
 code: 0,
 failed: false,
 killed: false,
 signal: null,
 cmd: 'C:\\Go\\bin\\go version'
} */



const ngo = require('ngo')(options)

  • Purpose: initialize ngo
  • Arguments:
    • options [Object - optional]
      • useLocal [Boolean false] - use locally downloaded Go binaries)
      • update [Boolean false] - update local install to latest
      • installDeps [Boolean true] - attempt to install missing packages
      • env [Object] - environment vars to set for the Go command
      • goRoot [String] - Go root path (ex. /usr/local/go)
      • goPath [String] - Go workspace path (ex. ~/work)
  • Returns: Function (ngo) which executes Go commands

ngo(commandArgs, options)

  • Purpose: - execute go commands
  • Arguments:
    • commandArgs [Array | String - required] - argument(s) to call with go command
    • options [Object - optional]
    • same options as child_process.spawn
    • additonal options available same as execa
  • Returns: Promise which resolves to execa styled object


  • Purpose: - execute commands on binaries in the GOBIN directory
  • Arguments:
    • binary [String] - name of binary file to be executed in returned function
  • Returns: Function (identical to ngo, but runs specified binary instead of go)


this is a copy of ngo's process.env with the Go environment variables added to it


MIT © Andrew Carpenter