A cron expression generator for Angular 10+

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  import ngxI18nCronEditor from '';



An Angular 10 component for building cron expressions graphically, with localization capabilities.
This is a fork of
It is meant to be used in reactive forms and support Angular Material Design styling.


A work-in-progress demo can be found here.
The demo project includes translation files and configurations to assist with adding more languages.


  1. Install the npm package:

    $ npm i ngx-i18n-cron-editor -S
  2. Import the module in your own module:

    import { CronEditorModule } from 'ngx-i18n-cron-editor';
        imports: [..., CronEditorModule],
    export class MyModule {
  3. Setup the FormControl in you component's typescript file:

    ngOnInit(): void {
      this.cronForm = new FormControl('0 0 1/1 * *');
  4. Include the component in your html code:

    <cron-editor [formControl]="cronForm"></cron-editor>

    or use the formControlName='...' directive if your form controller lives in a FormGroup.


<cron-editor [formControl]="cronForm" [options]="cronOptions"></cron-editor>
import { CronOptions } from 'ngx-i18n-cron-editor';

export class MyComponent {
   public cronOptions: CronOptions = {
       defaultTime: "00:00:00",
       weekDays: 'MON-FRI',
       useOrdinalSuffixes: true,
       hideMinutesTab: false,
       hideHourlyTab: false,
       hideDailyTab: false,
       hideWeeklyTab: false,
       hideMonthlyTab: false,
       hideYearlyTab: false,
       hideAdvancedTab: true,
       hideSpecificWeekDayTab : false,
       hideSpecificMonthWeekTab : false,

       use24HourTime: true,
       hideSeconds: false,

       cronFlavor: "quartz" //standard or quartz


The ngx-i18n-cron-editor is a fork of haavardj's ngx-cron-editor.

The ngx-cron-editor is a fork of the vincentjames501's angular-cron-gen for AngularJS 1.5+ and claudiuconstantin's [cron-editor(].

The main additions of this fork is support for Angular 10+ and internationalization.


Licensed under the MIT license