zero-config repl for your project

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Extension of, a very low-key script designed to make a nice repl for a nodejs project.

How to use

Add to project, optionally create a .replrc.js in the project, run yarn nice-repl

yarn add -D nice-repl
yarn nice-repl

What's this do that local-repl doesn't?

This is a zero-config repl for your project, and instead of writing a .replrc.js where you can configure your repl and export a "context" object, with nice-repl you don't have to think that hard. You just write a .replrc.js and it will simply run the script in a nodejs context. All of your local variables leftover from that script will be available in the nice-repl context.

local-repl did not have repl history. nice-repl is nicer than that. It will create a ~/.nice-repl directory and save a repl history in a directory it makes based on the full project directory name. You can set the environment variable NODE_REPL_HISTORY_SIZE to configure the amount of lines you want to save in the history, same as the node.js REPL.


  • Declare locals with var in your .replrc.js to expose to the context
  • TODO (more tips)


Raymond Pulver IV