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Attention: This Module is developed and disclosed to the public without any financial support. Purely as my attempt to support community initiatives. I would appreciate all Node.js developers using FastSMS and willing to help and contribute their time and skils to make it better. If you have spare time or/and energy please contact me on or leave me a message in GitHub Issuess section labelled help wanted. Thank you!

Node.js SDK for FastSMS

FastSMS is UK-based SMS messaging provider enabling RESTful API to consume their services. Since I needed to use it in my application prototype I decided that I will package the code and make it available under provisions of the MIT license. I am not commercially associated with Netsecrets Limited operating the FastSMS service and software is provided under no warranty or support. Although, I am still happy to develop new features and fix bugs reported by community developers. Please feel free to contact me via Github tickets.


0.1.2 - Official NPM page is here

Build Status


node-fastsms has two dependencies


add module to your project's package.json file by running

$ npm install --save node-fastsms

example of how to use the code is explained here:

cd examples/
./send-message.js 447777111222

make sure you set environment variable FAST_SMS_API_TOKEN by adding

export FAST_SMS_API_TOKEN='your-token-here'