Javascript dialectic transpiler

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A handy javascript dialectic transpiler

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$ npm install [-g] jsjs


  • Not many, at the moment barelly recompiles sources.



$ jsjs [options] <file> [...<files>]



### jsjs --tab [number of spaces] | -t [number of spaces]

Indents code with number of spaces for each indentation level.

### jsjs --compress | -c

Removes optional whitespace between statements and declarations.

### jsjs --dialect [dialect] | -d [dialect]

Use another input dialect instead of javascript.

Javascript dialects are basically different languages which follow the style and the semantics of javascript.

This library includes the following dialects:

Standard Javascript (js): Common ECMAScript 5.

function pow(a, b){
    for (var r = a, n = 0; n < b; n++) {
        r = r * a
    return r

function head(arr){
    return arr.slice(0, 1);

Go-Script (gs): A clone of Go syntax without the type stuff.

func pow(a, b){
    for r := a, n := 0; n < b; n++ {
        r = r * a
    return r

func head(arr){
    return arr[0:1]

To register dialects as Node's require.extensions, you can use jsjs.register:

var jsjs = require('jsjs');

jsjs.register('gs'); // Go-Script registered
var gos = require('./');

jsjs.register(jsjs.dialects); // registers all supported jsjs dialects