A Node-RED node to set lighting levels based on the suns position

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A Node-RED node to do circadian lighting levels


npm install node-red-contrib-circadian-light


You set your lat/lon and the reporting interval then the node outputs a message with the current possition of the sun and it's % of daily hight:

  "azimuth": 0.36900883056765676, 
  "altitude": 0.36796818774968365, 
  "percent": 89.8566247170534 

Where azimuth is the position of the Sun in radians (direction along the horizon, measured from south to west), e.g. 0 is south and Math.PI * 3/4 is northwest.

altitude is the hight of the Sun above the horizon in radians. Where 0 is at the horizon and PI/2 is directly overhead.

percent is how close the Sun is to it's highest position of the day, so 0% is at sun rise and 100% will be the highest point the sun reaches for the given position and day.