Run N functions in parallel, and wait for all of them to be finished before starting another batch

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Run N functions in parallel. When all the functions are finished, N new functions are triggered, until the input data set is drained.

This package is based on the excellent
It can be used for different purpose (API throttling, rate limiting, etc.).

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install node-squad


node-squad accepts 3 input parameters :

  • a data set (Array)
  • a function taking one item of the dataset as a parameter (the function must return a result or a promise)
  • the configuration hash (optional)

Configuration options:

  • config.squadSize : the number of function to run at the same time (10 by default).
  • config.disableLogs : yes, you already know what it does (false by default).
  • config.noCopy : by default, node-squad uses a copy of the array passed as a parameter. Set this to true to use the original array instead of a copy.
  • config.stopOnReject : stop the squad or not when a promise is being rejected by a job(true by default).

Example :

    var Q = require('q'),
    Squad = require('node-squad');
    //copyright Montell Jordan
    var dataSet = ['This','is','how','we','do','it'];
    var config = {
        disableLogs: false
        var jobDeferred = Q.defer();
        //waiting randomly
        var randomWait = Math.floor(Math.random() * 1000) + 1;
        return jobDeferred.promise;
        console.log('Finished processing all the data');

To run the example in this repo run npm install and then node ./example/example.js

Please note this is a firing squad, you won't always have N functions executing at the same time, each function will wait for ALL OF THE OTHER functions of the squad to be finished before starting another batch.

That's all folks!


Copyright (c) 2014 Fabien Allanic
Licensed under the MIT license.