Get real time stats of a running Node.js process

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Node Stats Lite

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Get real time stats of a running Node.js process. Can be used for Node.js service monitoring.


npm install node-stats-lite --save


const nodeStats = require('node-stats-lite');

This module can be used in 2 ways -

1. As an Express.js middleware

app.get('/monitor', nodeStats);

This will simply create a new API endpoint /monitor in your Express.js powered app. Then making a GET call to /monitor url path will provide all the stats.

2. As a function

If you're not using Express.js or are not interested in using it as a middleware and want more control then you can simply call the function without any arguments to get all the stats. The function returns a Promise object.

// using traditional promises
getStats().then((stats) => console.log(stats));

// using async-await
const stats = await getStats();


The stats Object(Method 2) or the API response(Method 1) provides the following stats -

  1. Node.js version running
  2. Memory used by this Node service (in bytes)
  3. Memory used by this Node service realtive to System memory (%)
  4. CPU used by this Node service (%)
  5. Name of the Node file which is executed
  6. Uptime of this Node service (in seconds)
  7. pid of this Node process

Sample response -

    "version": "v7.9.0",
    "service_name": "app.js",
    "cpu_usage": 1.4,
    "memory_consumed": 201768960,
    "memory_consumed_percent": 6.1,
    "uptime": 68231.624,
    "pid": 10790


  1. Node.js version >= 7.6.0
  2. Linux based system