Reads data from T9602 humidity and temperature sensor on Rasperry Pi.

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A node module for reading temperature and humidity using T9602 sensor on Raspberry Pi.

Preliminary warning

This module has only been tested on Raspbery Pi 4 Model B 4 GiB running on Raspberry PI OS.
I'm not aware of all the products differences and I'm not planning on testing this module on other products myself.

Don't hesitate to tell me about your attempts on other products.

Model Supported
Raspberry Pi A
Raspberry Pi B
Raspberry Pi A+
Raspberry Pi B+
Raspberry Pi 2 B+
Raspberry Pi Zero Zero
Raspberry Pi Zero W/WH
Raspberry Pi 3 B
Raspberry Pi 3 A+
Raspberry Pi 3 B+
Raspberry Pi 4 B 1GiB
Raspberry Pi 4 B 2GiB
Raspberry Pi 4 B 4GiB
Raspberry Pi 4 B 8GiB
Raspberry Pi 4 B 400

Connections on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

Here is how I connected my t9602 sensor on my Rpi 4 B following the sensor pin design :

  • V+ (red cable) on 3.3V
  • Ground (green cable) to any Ground Pin
  • SDA (white cable) on SDA1 (GPIO2)
  • SCL (black cable) on SCL1 (GPIO3)

Refer to the official Raspberry Pi 4 Model B datasheet if necessary.

Installation & Usage

  • Don't forget to enable I2C with sudo raspi-config and reboot.
  • npm install node-t9602
  • Check examples folder if needed.