Move verification and game state managing for Tak

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Node Tak

A npm package for a beautiful game

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Tak is a two-player abstract strategy game designed by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss and published by Cheapass Games in 2016. It was designed based on a description of a fictional game in Patrick Rothfuss' 2011 fantasy novel The Wise Man's Fear.[1]

The objective of Tak is to be the first player to connect any two opposite edges of the board with your pieces, called "stones", creating a road. To this end, players will take turns blocking and capturing their opponent's pieces while supporting and connecting their own pieces to build their road. When a player "captures" a stone, the stones stack on top of each other and this creates a three dimensional element to the game play.

- Wikipedia

This package is WIP and is attempting to implement all Tak rules, exposing an easy API to verify moves and get the current game state.