A Simple generator of base proyects as a start point for production apps

Usage no npm install needed!

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Welcome to node-temgen!

A node template generator for Rest Api application with Express.js, it is made as a boilerplate of initial setup for production, minimizing the effort of doing this time-consuming job.

It comes loaded and setup with moongose as a ORM for MongoDb Databases or Sequelize for SQL Databases, also have setup winston and morgan for handle logging, and a set of usefull dependecies that a web application in node should have.

Also comes with mocha, chai, supertest and nyc(istanbul) setup, for testing and code coverage, it have Airbnb javaScript style guide preset and Eslint configured, and a yaml file for CI/CD in gitlab, is ready to deploy in any cloud service prefered.


npm install -g node-temgen

Quick Start

To get the base project of your choice generated, go to your terminal an cd to your projects folder then simply run:


It will output:

What base project template would you like to generate?

Use your arrows key to select up and down them input your project name like:

Project name: my-awsome-app

Then cd to your my-awsome-app project folder and run:

npm install

You can check if averything is correct by running npm start and visiting in your browser http://localhost:3000/hello if every thing is Ok you will see:

{ message: 'Hello World!!' }

Then you need to create a .env.local and add your enviroment variables as you can see in .env file intructions, for papertrail, you can create an account at and configure it in your project so you can have a free log service, pass in host and port to your .env or .env.local file and launch your app to any cloud service.

And thats it, happy coding!!

TODO: add a template with view engine with hbs and any other usefull tool that i dont know yet xD.