A project for controlling Tesoro GRAM SE Spectrum with node.js

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import nodeTesoro from '';



It's a standard npm package, so you can install it with this command, if you are using npm:

npm install node-tesoro

or if you are using yarn:

yarn add node-tesoro


TesoroGramSE(keyboard, layout, profile_state)

import HID from 'node-hid';
import { TesoroGramSE, Profile, Spectrum, ProfileState } from 'node-tesoro';

function handleChange(data:any) {

const keyboard = new TesoroGramSE('hungarian', handleChange);
  • layout - string - a string which is in the layouts: it provides the key indexes for the spectrum, and a keyboard layout for future usage
    • Possible values:
      • hungarian
  • callback - function|optional - a callback function which called after a keyboard event happened (e.g.: switching profile or brightness on the keyboard)
    • the function must have 1 parameter
    • the data format is JSON, like {'brightness', 1}
  • profile_state - ProfileState|optional - the init profile state, it has a default, but you can override it


  • profile_num - ProfileSelect - profile number to change to


  • data - ProfileState - updates the current profile's state

keyboard.setKeyColor(key, r, g, b, e)

  • key - string - key name from the dictionary
  • r,g,b - number - color for the key
  • e - SpectrumEffect - in case the user wants to change the effect


  • sends the current spectrum state to the keyboard


  • sends the current profile state to the keyboard


  • I created a GUI for this API in React, you can check it here

General notes


  • Because it communicates with a HID device it cannot be used directly in a browser-based project
  • It has to be exposed as an API from a server

Key dictionary

  • The current key dictionary contains a Hungarian, 105 keys layout
  • It can be updated to accept more layouts, please create a pull request if you want to update.
  • You can use the private function initKeys to get your keyboard's key indexes


  • If a profile's settings or a spectrum gets updated, the Windows key will be locked (the official software's behaviour is the same)