node-test-helpers =================

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My node test helpers

// Usage: var TH = require('node-test-helpers')(module, [contraLogOptions]);

// You have a contra log object // But by default, the logger is off (don't want logging in your tests unless you are debugging) // so if this wont display:'This %s %s console log msg', 'is', 'a');

// Turn it on:; // And now you have logging:'This %s %s console log msg', 'is', 'a');

// Using Lab? TH.register.Lab();

// Now you have lab versions of describe/it/before*/after*, and chai.expect, chai-promised, sinon, sinon-chai describe('foo', function(){ it('is', function(done){ expect(true); done(); }) });

// Want to add some test data (just a convenience method:{some:'data'});

// And some utilities for logging and stubs (based on bluebird and sinon); // Lets say you want to stub fs.readFile: var BluebirdPromise = require('bluebird'); var Fs = Promise.promisifyAll(require("fs")); // You now have: Fs.readFileAsync('file.txt', 'utf8');

// You can now stub and trace it with:

var stub = sinon.stub( Fs, 'readFileAsync', TH.UTILS.createAsyncStub('createAsync', 'contents of stubbed file call') );

// Now whenever you call Fs.readFileAsync(any, parameters); // You will see (assuming contralog is on): [LOGLOC] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [LOGLOC] *** STUB INTERCEPT: readFileAsync [LOGLOC] *** PARAMETERS: [LOGLOC] *** RETURNING: [LOGLOC] ------------------------------------------------------------------------