Timer and stopwatch utility modules

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Quick and simple timer utilities that give you enough control.

Getting started

Get it: npm install node-timers

Use it:

var node-timers = require('node-timers'); //or
var simpleTimer = require('node-timers/simple'); //or
var timer = require('node-timers/timer'); //or
var countdown = require('node-timers/countdown');

var myTimer = node-timers.simple(); // timer or countdown can be created from here too...

// passing an options object with the pollInterval will generate a 'poll' event ever X milliseconds
// passing no such pollInterval value will create a timer that can be controlled (start, stop, reset)
// but will not ping you with updates.
var simple = simpleTimer({pollInterval: 100});

//Starts keeping track of passed time...

//returns the time that has passed in milliseconds


I seemed to be rewriting this stuff on a regular occasion for different projects. Either misplacing the source or using the modules in a slightly different way. This set gives me enough leway to do what I want without controlling the output like other timer modules I have looked at. The output should be up to the app.



Creates a new simple timer. Keeps track of time passed. Options are optional. Options can include pollInterval which, while the timer is on an on state, will emit a poll event with the current passed time in milliseconds.


Starts the timer you have created. Emits a start event


Stops the timer. Emits a stop event


Getter and setter for the passed time of your timer. If you specifiy a newTime value, then the timer will attempt to set itself to that new value before returning the passed time in milliseconds.


Resets your timer back to it's initial state. Emits a reset event


Returns the current state of the timer. Either on, stopped, or clean


A limited timer based on simple. Additional options to pollInterval include finishTime. When the timer has reached the finish time stated, it will emit a done event. pollInterval defaults to 250 and finishTime defaults to 0.


A timer that counts down from a startTime passed though the options object. In this case, time() returns the time remaining instead of the time passed. Once the timer reaches 0, it will emit a done event.


Event Description
start Event triggered when timer starts.
stop Triggered when the timer stops.
reset Timer has been reset.
poll Update the user with the currently passed time or time that is left. time is passed as argument to the listener
done Only timer and countdown emit this. When we have reached the given endtime or 0