Twitter API wrapper for Node

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A simple, zero-dependency, promise-based module for interacting with the Twitter API.

Currently it only supports OAuth 1.0a authentication, however pull requests are welcome to implement other types.


You can install this module using either npm or yarn.

$ npm install node-tweet


$ yarn install node-tweet


const Twitter = require("node-tweet");

const client = new Twitter({
  consumerKey: "<PUT CONSUMER KEY HERE>",
  consumerSecret: "<PUT CONSUMER SECRET HERE>",
  accessToken: "<PUT ACCESS TOKEN HERE>",
  accessSecret: "<PUT ACCESS SECRET HERE>"

// Tweet a message
client.statuses.update("This is a Tweet!").then(response => {
    created_at: 'Thu Feb 20 16:39:01 +0000 2020',
    id: 1230532316528771000,
    id_str: '1230532316528771074',
    text: 'This is a Tweet!',

// Reply to someone
await client.statuses.update("@TheEssem This is a reply!", { in_reply_to_status_id: "1229773297115652096" });

// Get a Tweet by its ID
const tweet = await"603384079044759552");

// Get a list of people that you are blocking


node-tweet is still in the early stages of development, so here are some things that need to be implemented:

  • Finish every REST endpoint (starting with /statuses/*)
  • Implement the streaming API
  • Add other types of authentication
  • Add media upload
  • Improve documentation

Pull requests are welcome to implement these and more.